OVAL Concept

Located just in front of the trade mark of Thessaloniki, the White Tower, the bar-restaurant OVAL Bistronomy is the most famous in the city. Since 18 years now, is serving ( since early morning ) delicioys snacks and cofees,aperitives, wines, cocktails. 

The menu for lunch or dinner is been created based on Medeteranian and Asian cusine, and the service is high quality and very friendly. The menu is provided in variety of language, with photos.

Selected Local Wines

Overlooking the sea, the cuisine of the peoples of the Mediterranean inspires us, as do the Wine Routes, which take us all over Greece, to serve you varieties full of history and aroma. The most popular varieties of Greek wine, Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Agiorgetiko, Roditis, Xinomavro, but also sauvignon blanc, merlot, chardonnay are on our list in the cosmopolitan environment of Oval.

All Day Liveliness

From the early morning, with freshly brewed coffee and brunch until the evening with famous cocktails and sushi, Oval is known for its liveliness and creativity in its menu. Updated Signature Cocktails, Dj nights, music events, street food shows, all complete the lively atmosphere of Oval, in the most central part of cosmopolitan Thessaloniki.

In Asian Mood シーフード

Oval Bistronomy is constantly evolving. Since December 2020, it presents chef’s food stories, inspired by the sea. Starting with the emblematic cuisine of Japan, we bring to your plate a gastronomic proposal based on raw cuts, high nutritional value and the creative simplicity of sushi.

Vegan | Vegetarian
Eat Green

Eat what makes you HAPPY

The vegan diet is not just another lifestyle, it is a gift to ourselves, for better health, wellness, respect for the environment and all life forms that coexist on the planet!

The vegan diet is not boring and monotonous! How about vegan Moussaka with minced soy and vegetable cream béchamel? Or vegan Sushi with nori seaweed, avocado and vegan mayo?

The fresh vegetables of the day, organic soy, handmade vegan cheeses, traditional Greek recipes and vegan tzatziki dominate the new - renewed Vegan - Vegetarian Menu of Oval Bistronomy.

Vegan moussaka

Beet Burger

Soy Gyros

Options to delivery N' TAKE AWAY

Take Away / Drive Through

New service for ease of movement in the center, with drive through!

Oval bistronomy offers you a 20% discount on every take away. Place your order over the phone and pick it up pick up on foot, or by car from F. Company, without you need parking (drive through). We will bring it to you at car, pay through the driver's window and you're good to go!.


We deliver safely at the time you choose!

By placing the order over the phone, we deliver your meal to you, with the delivery service, immediately or at a time you choose. So you have the possibility to plan your lunch or dinner without delays or waiting. With a phone at 2310 254 533, earning a 10% discount.

e-food & Wolt

Easy and friendly way to order through the famous app!


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